If you have fun as a spectator, imagine how great it could be as a contestant!

We are looking for friendly people, wanting to have fun and to win a big cash prize!

Come to spend a day with us! You will meet the hosts, our teams and will attend the shooting from backstage, making it a unique and unforgettable experience!

Fill out the form and our casting team will contact you sooner than you expect. To help you out, here are some clues to do well in the casting:

  • Prepare a short presentation, tell us who you are and a couple of peculiar things about you (think about it, no doubt you have more than you think!).
  • Leave the nerves and shyness at home 😉
  • Be outgoing!
CASTING Form ¡Boom!
Casting Form Boom (EN)

Casting Form Boom (EN)


905 446 446

Servicio prestado por Atresmedia Corporación. Avda Isla Graciosa 13, 28703 Madrid. Coste máx: 1,45€/llam red fija, 2€/llam red. móv, IVA incluido. Mayores de 18 años. Gestmusic Endemol S.A.U. Política de privacidad de datos.