El Número Uno

‘Number one’ is a new concept talent show with a very clear goal: to find the country’s best singer. The format is based on the idea that the artists of our time should be in control of their careers and constantly decide their own future.

After going though a very hard casting process, the country’s 100 best singers are confronted with 5 Grammy-winning artists that will act as judges. The 14 best singers earn the right to have a place in NUMBER ONE’s artist gallery. From this moment on, there’s no turning back. The race towards NUMBER ONE is on!

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Each weekly prime time show features astonishing live performances with first-class stage productions where the contenders prove what they’re capable of. Once all the contestants have performed, every judge can grant untouchable status to his favourite contestant of the evening. This status secures a place on the following week’s show, and also a cash prize that will allow to pay for board and keep and whatever extra expenses the contestants might meet.

The singers not deemed untouchable by the judges have to confront the audience. Viewers at home vote for their favourite artist through telephone and SMS. After adding up all the votes, a popularity ranking will reveal who are the two least voted contestants and in danger of being eliminated. In a highly tense and thrilling moment at the end of the show, the two contestants perform unaccompanied and the judges then decide which one deserves to stay.

After several weeks, the last 4 contestants remaining confront each other in a Grand Finale where they can win an impressive cash prize.

    Antena 3
  • HOST
    Paula Vázquez
    Gestmusic Endemol


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El Número Uno Antena 3 2012 2.509.000 17,40%
El Número Uno Antena 3 2013 1.432.000 10,40%