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Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

50 años de cámaras ocultas

An invention like the hidden cameras deserved a special homage, and this is what Gestmusic and Antena 3 Televisión did on the 6th of January 1998: broadcast a show to celebrate 50 years since the birth of this genre. The popular actress Rosa Maria Sardà was the master of ceremonies for this 90-minute special which covered the best candid camera moments in history, with a special fondness for the pioneering takes.

The producer and practical inventor of the candid camera was the North American Alan Funt, a radio technician in the armed forces who, in 1946, began placing hidden microphones in the radio station where he worked. Thus the programme Candid microphone was created, which was highly successful and gave rise to the idea of doing the same with cinema and television, thus creating the NBC programme Candid camera, with over 40 years broadcasting. The saga continued because Alan Funt’s son inherited his father’s taste for practical jokes and is the presenter of a similar show on a North American television channel.

50 años de cámaras ocultas was a journey through the history of television and cinema in this genre. The programme showed filmed practical jokes with actors such as Woody Allen, aged only 20; Jane Mansfield tried to convince a taxi driver to hide a Chihuahua in his shirt or the brilliant Buster Keaton doing his stuff in a cafeteria.

As well as the best footage from international programmes, the special golden jubilee hidden camera programme also included some gags from Spanish television, and some of the best moments from the show T’ha tocao and fragments of the films of Manuel Summers dedicated to practical jokes and hidden cameras in which many of the victims were Spanish people.


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50 años de cámaras ocultas  Antena 3 06/01/1998 3.314.000 21,10 %
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