Antena 3


Arturo Valls


2011 – Present


July August Productions Israel & Channel 10 Israel


Local adaptation of the game show format “Still Standing”. A contestant must defeat his/her opponents one by one and remain the last one standing – because everyone he/she beats automatically falls through a trap in the floor.

In each duel, the contestants take it in turns to answer a question in 30 seconds. The first who can’t answer the question in the given time is eliminated. The main contestant has two lifelines he can use any time during the game and he faces ten opponents who each have different cash amounts (from €1 to €5,000) but he doesn’t know how much. For each opponent he defeats, he gets their cash amount. During the eighth duel, the contestant can choose to drop out and leave with half of his winnings so far or keep playing and risk losing it all. During the ninth duel, he can leave with his winnings or try to win the €100,000 grand prize. But in order to win he’ll have to beat all the remaining contestants, or he’ll go home with no prize.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
¡Ahora Caigo! (prime time) Antena 3 2011 2.039.000 13,80 %
¡Ahora Caigo! daily Antena 3 2011-2012 1.455.000 15,00 %
¡Ahora Caigo! daily Antena 3 2012-2013 1.593.000 16,20 %
¡Ahora Caigo! daily Antena 3 2013-2014 1.444.000 15,00 %
¡Ahora Caigo! daily Antena 3 2014-2015 1.403.000 14,50 %
¡Ahora Caigo! daily Antena 3 2015-2016 1.431.000 14,80 %
¡Ahora Caigo! daily Antena 3 2016-2017 1.378.000 14,20 %


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