Jesús Vázquez / Silvia Jato / Arturo Valls




Endemol International

¡Allá tú!

Very evening on Telecinco, Jesús Vázquez hosts the game show with the “boxes”. Each day, 22 contestants, each from a different province, set out to win the programme’s highest prize: € 600,000.

22 contestants, 22 boxes and 22 sums of money ranging between € 0.10 and € 600,000. On Allá tú the prize money is divided up equally between the contestant and one TV viewer who takes part in the program either via SMS or telephone.

It’s a game of chance where the contestant opens up his/her fellow participants’ boxes, and the amounts of money that they contain are gradually removed from the panel.

Throughout the game, the banker is on the scene to test the contestant’s negotiation skills. The contestant can sell his/her box whenever he/she wishes, or turn down all of the banker’s offers and win the prize inside his/her box. And the most important question of all: will it be the best deal of his/her life … or the worst?


Show Channel Season Share Average share
¡Allá tú! Telecinco 2004-2008 1.874.000 20,30 %
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