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Montse Guallar / Àlex Casanovas / Rosana Pastor / Diego Braguinsky / Salomé / Martirio / Jesús Martín / María Barranco / Luis Fernando Alvés




Action Time

Amor a primera vista

With ‘Amor a primera vista’ the television became a place for finding the perfect couple. In the first series, 540 people starred in this original quiz, reaching the sum of 90 editions while being fronted by the actors Montse Guallar and Àlex Casanovas. Every week, three young men and three young women would appear on the programme in search of their other half and were given a series of questions and a face-to-face session, the final aim being to choose which one they thought would be their partner. If the preferences coincided, the couples won a week’s holiday together, during which their only task was to find out about each other in every tiny detail. On their return to the programme the test was to see if they had completed their task. Therefore, among many other indiscretions, we were able to find out about the contestants’ musical taste, their favourite food or their favourite colour of underwear.

‘Amor a primera vista’, which began broadcasting in June 1991, was a fresh and naive programme where nobody left with their hands empty. If that night Cupid was not generous in shooting his arrows, it was the contestants who robbed his ammunition to shoot and take some succulent prizes home with them. For the loving couple with the highest number of correct answers there was a special draw, where the top prize was a trip around the world, evidently along with their new partner.

The programme was a success on all the autonomous channels for which Gestmusic prepared a version of Love at First Sight, the matrix programme designed by Stephen Leahy (Action Time). People from Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid and Andalusia (TV3, Canal 9, Telemadrid and Canal Sur) had the chance to find their ideal partner on the set. Each version had fantastic masters of ceremonies. The actors María Barranco and Luis Fernando Alvés presented the version of the show for Telemadrid; Diego Braguinsky and an unknown actress at that time, Rosana Pastor, headed the Canal 9 version, whereas, on Canal Sur, it was the eccentric Martirio and Jesús Martín who aimed at the hearts of the Andalusian people.

The success of ‘Amor a primera vista’ had an unusual effect: a second edition several years later. The decision was taken after undertaking a telephone survey in which 80% of viewers asked were in favour of a return of the programme. For this new edition there were two outstanding novelties: the use of a virtual set in the second part of the programme and the trio of presenters. Once again it was Montse Guallar who led the show, but this time accompanied by two handsome assistants, the actors Josep Lluís Mediavilla and Carles Martí.

On Canal 9 there was also a change of presenter and it was the Eurovision singer Salomé who broke hearts left, right and centre.

Thousands of potential sweethearts passed through the set in search for the perfect partner and many of them found him or her. For some it was a fleeting love but there were others, in contrast, who sealed what had begun on ‘Amor a primera vista’ with the peal of wedding bells. For example, in the programme’s first season on TV3, three weddings were held.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Amor a primera vista TV3 1991 401.000 20,30%
Amor a primera vista TV3 1997 307.000 17%
Amor a primera vista Canal 9 1991 n.d. 19%
Amor a primera vista Canal 9 1998 75.000 8,50%
Amor a primera vista Canal Sur 1991 n.d. 20%
Amor a primera vista Telemadrid 1991 83.000 9,40%