Canal 9


Manuela Ríos




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat


‘Benvinguts’ was a daily chat show that began broadcasting in October 1998 and occupied a 2-hour space in the early afternoon on Canal 9, clocking up some 100 programmes. On each edition, the presenter, Manuela Ríos, covered a different subject, preferably of a social interest. The debating points, which involved live statements from the street, were of a very diverse nature.

During the course of these nearly one hundred programmes, topics were dealt with such as compulsive gambling, sex before and after marriage, faith healing, jealousy, bad luck, smoking, rumours and other less significant topics such as children’s appearance. The guests on the main set and the audience present explained their experiences in relation to the topic.

The participation in the programme of an “opinionator”, an unknown person who gave their point of view on the question, helped to create a debating atmosphere. Businessmen, housewives, students, builders… anyone was free to express their opinion. As well as the central theme of the day, there was also a daily interview with curious personalities, some famous and others less so, who had something to do with what was happening in the world and were of a marked social interest. Benvinguts also had a telephone quiz, “Gira la sort”, which shared out large cash prizes around the counties of the Levante region. In the first stage, there were three contestants, each from a different county, who battled for the prize, and later there were only two. The prizes ranged from between 50,000 and 300,000 pesetas.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Benvinguts Canal 9 1998 109.000 13,30 %