Mercè Comes / Enric Majó / Rosa Boladeras / Oriol Vila




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

Cap d’any a TV3

‘Atrapats pel cap d’any’ for some unexplainable reason the Huguet family get trapped in time. They discover that they can move up or back through the years, yet no matter what they do they are always on the same day: New Year’s Eve. A mysterious taquio* brooch gives the mother of this odd family the power to travel through time.

In 2008 TV3 celebrates its 25th anniversary, and thanks to the Huguet and this paranormal phenomenon, we’re reliving the most unusual moments in Televisió de Catalunya’s New Year’s Eve history.

On this journey through time with the Huguets, we’ll see the Huguets’ adventures in front of the television between 1983 and 2008, as well as all the changes that both they and their home have endured with the passage of time; Sketches of the all-time most unusual and amusing moments in TV3 New Year’s Eve celebrations.

And we’ll also relive and update the melodies that have been etched on the memory of the Catalan people as the very best tunes of each year. These songs were chosen by CLUB viewers during the last few months of 2007.

‘D’un any 8 a un any 9’, what’s happening in the life of the Huguet family a year later?

After the success of their programme, they were surprised by a flood of calls requesting their attendance at all sorts of events. Their social life became a spiral of limitless expense. Wooed by the sweet taste of popularity, they went a little overboard in their spending. Yet the harsh reality of 2008, with its odious crisis, has put them on the ropes. Christmas is around the corner and they’re flat broke. The creditors and banks just won’t leave them alone. They don’t know where to hide. Disaster abounds. What’s more, seeing that they are poor, their son-in-law decides to walk out on their daughter.

Amid this very bleak scenario, Maria Adelaida has a solution. She again turns to the family taquio brooch (taquios are subatomic particles that enable people to travel through time). But this time, rather than going back to the past, she travels to the future to find out the number of the Christmas lottery jackpot. With the number in their power, the Huguets once again recover their joie de vivre.

Filthy rich thanks to the lottery, they have bought a palace and plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a huge bash.

Blinded by the glitter of gold, the son-in-law is back on the scene, and the Huguets – who only want their daughter to be happy – take it upon themselves to get rid of him on New Year’s Eve… A night of luxury, jealousy, vengeance, lovers, music in Catalan and a murder on TV3, with ‘D’un any 8 a un any 9’ (from an 8 year to a 9 year).


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Atrapats pel cap d’any TV3 31/12/2007 723.000 26,80 %
D’un any 8 a un any 9 TV3 31/12/2008 354.000 17,20 %
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