Antena 3


Alicia Senovilla




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

El Castillo de las Mentes Prodigiosas

Ten characters with supernatural powers enter a Gothic castle to display their paranormal skills for the audience and challenge each other, week after week, until one is proclaimed to be best witch in the world. A show that withstands ghosts, poltergeists, astral projections and all sorts of extra-sensory experiences.

Concursantes: The participants included: Pitonisa Lola (Seville, Spain), Divino Otelma (Rome, Italy) Santi Molezún (Santiago De Compostela, Spain) Profesor Mercury (Olite, Spain), Paco Porras (Madrid, Spain), Astyaro (Mexico City, Mexico), Josefina Valero “Astaroth” (Marbella, Spain), Leevon Kennedy (Buenos Aires, Argentina), La Santera Miguelina (Dominican Republic) And Count Luconi (London, United Kingdom).

In the end, the Mexican mentalist Astyaro was proclaimed the best witch in the world.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
El Castillo de las Mentes Prodigiosas Antena 3 2004 1.016.000 13,10 %
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