Izaro Iraeta




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat


This show follows the English docusoap format. Gestmusic first launched this type of show with the programme ‘Veterinarios’, which was produced and directed by its own team for the Basque television channel ETB2.

In the case of this show, ‘Dokugunea’ was broadcast on ETB1, and completely produced in Euskera, the Basque language. This was the first time ever that a docusoap was produced in Basque.

These types of programmes are based on daily life and follow the real events that take place in association with a given topic.

In the case of ‘Dokugunea’ the challenge posed was far more difficult, as each chapter took up a different theme, and the length of the show was also longer, extending to 50-60 minutes. The chapters produced included themes such as Euskal pilota (Basque Handball), Gorputz miresmena (The Body Beautiful Obsession), Kazetariak (Journalists), Baserria (The Basque Farmhouse) and Xelebreak (Freaky Wild Characters). All of these chapters were prefaced by the words of the host, Izaro Iraeta, who presented the theme to be explored.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Dokugunea ETB 1 2005 23.000 2,60 %
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