Canal 9


Ximo Rovira




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

El món per un forat

After Olé tus vídeos, dedicated exclusively to Spanish home videos, Gestmusic created another product for Canal 9 also based on home videos but with an important innovation. It did not only involve sending in a funny video of a child or of a fall… it was about making a short film, with a storyline.

This time it required the amateur video filmmaker to try and emulate, in a humorous way, the big or small film productions so that, as well as recording the images, they had to undertake a post-production process to create shorts that could last several seconds or even a few minutes. Ximo Rovira presented this weekly space in which the best prizes were won by those with the most imagination.


Show Channel Season Average share
El món per un forat Canal 9 1992 15 %