Antena 3


Joaquín Luqui / Alicia Ramírez / Carlos Tena




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

Estrellas del siglo XX

Estrellas del siglo XX was a production that took on the ambitious challenge of looking back over the last hundred years of world history by means of the music that accompanied several generations. With Alicia Ramírez, Joaquín Luqui and Carlos Tena as masters of ceremonies, the programme travelled back in time to bring us the songs of yesteryear and today. Unforgettable numbers such as Mis manos en tu cintura, Only you, What a wonderful world or My way livened us almost three hours of unforgettable tunes that invited us to take a nostalgic stroll through the last century.

The most emblematic and loved compositions of geniuses like The Beatles or Elvis Presley had a prominent position on the programme, which also recalled the career history of the Eurovision group Abba and, naturally, three of our own home grown talents: the ill-fated Nino Bravo, the Dúo Dinámico and Joan Manuel Serrat.

The boleros, popular folk songs, the big hits from Eurovision (with La, la, la heading the list), the great queens of soul, rockabilly, the marvellous songs from the rock opera Hair and some of the tunes that have triumphed more in films formed the rest of the programme, which gave special emphasis to two Spanish numbers: Libre, by Nino Bravo and Pena, penita, pena sung by Lola Flores. The Valencian Francisco accompanied Nino Bravo in an emotional duet singing Libre thanks to advanced technology and the fresh talent of Tamara Flores danced and sang a duo with Lola Flores herself in her own performance of Pena, penita, pena.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Estrellas del siglo XX Antena 3 22/12/1999 2.674.000 20,40 %
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