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Gala 50 aniversario de TVE

On Thursday 7th December TVE-1 broadcast their gala, celebrating fifty years of television in Spain. The programme, La televisión cumple contigo featured just about everybody that has ever played a major role in the making of television in Spain, including many who now work for the private channels. This was meant to be a birthday party rather than an orderly run through of television history, with famous faces, musical performances, archive footage and a great deal of humour, introduced by an interminable list of presenters appearing one after the other. An all out party!

One of the night’s highlights was a virtual duo between David Bisbal and Antonio Molina, singing Soy minero (I’m a Miner). Bisbal sang live accompanying the historic recording of Molina, which was projected on the stage, and then, for a brief moment, thanks to trick photography, Bisbal actually appeared alongside Molina, singing in the mine. This idea of virtual duos was a theme that was repeated throughout the night: with Rosa and Rocío Jurado, Malú and Lola Flores, María Isabel and Marisol.

There were also similar turns by comic duos, such as Massiel and Las Supremas de Móstoles or Los Tricicle, accompanied by Julio Iglesias, doing their parody of the man himself. Julio Iglesias was one of the night’s main attractions, the other being Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, who received a well deserved homage as one of the great names of Spanish television history.


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