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Gala Dominó

Nearly 15 years ago the first television broadcast was made of the Día del Dominó, a day in which attempts were made to beat the world record for knocking down dominoes positioned in a difficult formation. Despite the fact that success was not achieved on that programme in 1986, a new attempt was made two years later since the first event was watched by over eight million Dutch people, 55% of the population.

So it was in 1988 that the second attempt at the world record was undertaken, a feat achieved with the fall of 1,382,101 dominoes. In light of the popularity of this initiative over several editions, in which records were also beaten, Antena 3 entrusted Gestmusic to produce the personalised version of the ‘Gala Dominó’, broadcast on the 6th of January 2002 and presented by Constantino Romero.

The special took place at the end of 2001 from the Congress and Exhibition Centre of Maastricht, in Holland, over a mosaic of 10,000 square metres and with 3,750,000 dominoes, something unheard of until now. Using the most advanced and sophisticated techniques, teams from Holland, Germany, France, Hungary and the United States worked jointly for eight weeks on this project.

Under the heading “Conectando el mundo”, Europe attended a spectacular and original exhibition of falling dominoes and constructing figures during a period of one hour. The singer Kylie Minogue had the task of pushing the first domino on the day that achieved recognition by entering the Guinness Book of Records.

As well as Antena 3, who broadcast the event for Spain, the show was seen in Holland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Hungary, the United States and China. The event was watched by around 40 million people around the world.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Gala Dominó Antena 3 06/01/2002 1.833.000 27,70 %
Gala Dominó Antena 3 2003 1.262.000 26,20 %
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