Miren Aramburu




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

Hamaika korapilo

‘Hamaika korapilo’ was a mould-breaking programme for Euskal Telebista for being the first talk show produced exclusively in the Basque language, a matter highly praised by the press since it contributed greatly to the campaign for the normalisation of the language.

The programme was also, in part, a new reference point for Basque society, in that through the programme many stereotypes about the Basque people were broken by the presentation of some sociological facts. As well as the invited guests, the public attending the programme were also able to express their opinion. Miren Aramburu was the presenter of this daily spot, which was mainly nourished by the statements of those who came to tell their anecdotes and experiences regarding the topic raised. There were also interview sections about current affairs, curiosities and other parts of an entertaining nature, such as a quiz in which viewers could take part by phone from their homes.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Hamaika korapilo ETB 1998 9.000 2,00 %
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