Antena 3


Vanesa Cabeza




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

¡Hazme reír!

The first thing you’ll see on this show is a new generation of comedians, new characters who will connect with the new generations of viewers.

The show will feature a team of 8 or 10 alternating comedians, thus totally ruling out the notion of monotony. This system enables us to more assiduously repeat those who are getting through to the audience the most, while exploring new comedians and giving them an opportunity.

The essential fibre of the show will reside in the videos in which groups of people from all around the country will tell jokes. The groups will be made up of families, co-workers, groups of friends, classmates, …in a word, any reason at all is enough to form a team so that we can go and record them on location. The very natural way about the people who tell the jokes and their proximity to the viewer are fundamental for them to connect with the audience.

The studio set audience will also have their chance to take part. Once each viewer has been assigned a number, through a random drawing a viewer will be chosen to tell a joke. One of our comedians will then “reply” to that joke. And so begins the battle! Following the first comedian, another viewer will be randomly called on. If he/she is speechless or stammers for words, another number will quickly be drawn. Another comedian will respond with another joke… and so on, in an intense yet hilarious battle where speed and surprise are the order of the day.

Two groups will meet head on in a live challenge right here on our set. Each team, made up of 4 people, will have 4 minutes to tell jokes. Each member of each team will tell a joke, and the two teams will go on, alternating until their time runs out. If one team runs out of time before the other, the latter may continue telling jokes until its 4 minutes are up.

At the end, the show’s comedians will decide which of the two teams is funnier.


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¡Hazme reír!  Antena 3 2004 978.000 13,20 %
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