Carlos Lozano




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

Hola mamá, soy yo

September 1997 saw the first broadcasts of a new entertainment show called ‘Hola mamá, soy yo’ on the autonomous channel Telemadrid. For three seasons Carlos Lozano was the presenter of this weekly quiz that featured jokes and funny images.

Home videos, hidden cameras and music spots with the best sports and animal images were part of the programme’s contents which also had a children’s and adult’s joke quiz. In both cases the idea was to try and tell as many jokes as possiblae and the audience decided which ones were the best by means of remote controls that were operated from their seats.

The adults competing were distributed by trade: hairdressers, chefs, taxi drivers, judo experts, referees… and they had to be dressed as such. In the children’s competition, they competed by school and the prizes were video game consoles and school material. Another successful part of the programme was the “Taxi loco”, where a supposed taxi driver drove around the streets of Madrid torturing the clients who got into his cab. The reactions were recorded on strategically placed mini-cameras inside the taxi.

The audience could also win a prize by taking part in the “Batalla del humor”, telling jokes spontaneously throughout the programme. All in all, it was a warm, entertaining and very funny programme, designed to please a family audience. The format’s success was reflected in the audience figures in that during its one and a half year’s broadcasting, the GECA (Audio-visual Communication Studies Office) awarded it a prize for being the most viewed programme on the channel.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
 Hola mamá, soy yo Telemadrid 1997 327.000 17,50 %
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