Antena 3




The ups and downs of a medical centre, the clinical stories, the inner feelings of the staff, the critical moments, and as a whole, the agitated life of a medical centre was put on screen by Gestmusic, who produced a fictional series called ‘Hospital’ for Antena 3 Televisión.

It was Gestmusic’s first incursion into the world of fiction, which was based on the success achieved by a similar series in Germany. To make each week’s stories as realistic as possible, a real hospital floor was used and doctors and nurses were hired to supervise the scripts.

In each episode, the scriptwriters Doc Comparato and Enric Gomà explained several stories but there was a central plot amongst the permanent characters in the series. Top class actors such as Xabier Elorriaga, Mercedes Sampietro and Montse Guallar headed the cast, ably supported by Paulina Gálvez, Alejandra Torray, Joan Carles Gustems, Toni Zenet, Joaquín Galán, Beatriz Guevara, Jaime Pujol, Jorge de Juan, Paul Berraondo and Karim Alami.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Hospital Antena 3 1996 1.712.000 17,20 %