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Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat / Joan Ramon Mainat

Hotel Glam

The ‘Hotel Glam’ is a luxury establishment set up to accommodate the ten celebrities, 5 ladies and 5 gentlemen, who have come to defend their controversial and much debated popularity.

Indeed, the fame of our 10 guests is soiled with scandal, lies, deception, controversy and debate… yet ‘Hotel Glam’ is sure to be a turning point for them, as we will finally find out who they really are. And in the end the winner will be able to proudly boast the title as “Spain’s most popular celebrity”.

To make their stay as pleasant as possible, the ‘Hotel Glam’ offers an array of very chic, very in-vogue services and activities that are right up to par with the glamour of our select guests… fitness, massage, jacuzzi, tanning beds, Brazilian and Flamenco fiestas, ski practice, gala dinners and more.

The show is broadcast at prime time on Mondays and Thursdays. Every Monday the guests are ranked for their lack of popularity based on the viewers’ phone calls and text messages. The three guests with the least favourable votes are sent into the danger zone… It is then up to the other guests to decide which two of the three contestants in the danger zone will have to leave the Hotel. Between Monday and Thursday the two guests nominated to leave will have to win over the public to stay on at the ‘Hotel Glam’, and thus avoid leaving the show… which will inevitably take place every Thursday by popular vote.

‘Hotel Glam’ also serves as a source of content to all of the station programmes that need it: morning talk shows, afternoon talk shows, late-night programmes, celebrity shows, gossip shows… Our guests are all-in-one characters capable of generating all sorts of content ideal for the different programmes and different target audiences. Thus, the entire station gets involved in following the show and discussing everything, absolutely everything that’s happening at the ‘Hotel Glam’… from the time they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Hotel Glam Telecinco 2003 4.029.000 25,70 %
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