Antena 3


Bertín Osborne / Francis Lorenzo / Àlex Casanovas


Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

La cara divertida

A television programme based on television itself: this is no longer anything new and there are a host of shows devoted to what happens in the world of the small screen. However, when La cara divertida appeared in May 1997 with a special programme lasting two and a half hours, it was not so common. It then became crystal clear that, from the most appalling gaffes through to little curiosities of detail, the viewers’ interest had been aroused.

What have been called “false takes”, or to put it another way, the fragments of shooting that are not used for the final cut but which are often very funny, were part of a product that could be seen in prime time on Fridays on Antena 3 on the programme La cara divertida.

The famous singer Bertín Osborne and later the actors Francis Lorenzo and Àlex Casanovas presented the show in the different series. The home videos, the majority of them North American and featuring animals and children, were also part of the programme. There were also the above mentioned false takes from different drama series and other programmes, loads of hidden camera sequences and incredible statements from the famous personalities of the gossip columns, all in order not to stop laughing.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
La Cara Divertida Antena 3 1997-1998 3.493.000 24,10%
La Cara Divertida Antena 3 1998-1999 2.499.000 19,90%
La Cara Divertida Antena 3 1999-2000 2.113.000 19,20%
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