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La casa de tus Sueños

La casa de tus sueños’ arrived on the screens of TVE in January 2000, an ambitious and innovative quiz in which two couples competed to win a very special prize: a house of their dreams. The two couples had to pass eight tests that required skill, concentration and cultural knowledge in equal parts. The couples, aged between 25 and 32, competed to win their own home, having overcome challenges such as removing the tablecloth from the table without breaking any dishes, memorising the answers to ten questions that appeared fleetingly on ten revolving plasma screens or competing in a virtual game holding the controls with their feet.

A time bomb that the contestants had to deactivate and a Russian roulette with fire were other elements of the spectacular set that occupied over 1,800 square metres of space in the Media Park studios. Cutting-edge technology combined with tests of true skill made the programme very exciting.

NUria Roca presented the show which, according to one of its creators, Josep M. Mainat, “was different from the usual physical challenges and the contestants had to prove their skills that required prior physical preparation and, above all, mental ability”.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
La casa de tus sueños TVE 2000 2.233.000 18,90 %
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