Antena 3


Anna Simón



La Jaula

In ‘La Jaula’ (The Cage), we shut in together the most daring people, the most outstanding professionals from the world of journalism… where spectacle and humour are assured.

Nuria Bermúdez, Sofía Cristo, Rosario –Chayo– Mohedano, Charo Reina, Carlos Navarro and Pocholo Martínez Bordiu are the craziest people on TV and, together with journalists Aurelio Manzano, Beatriz Manjón, Ángela Portero, Sergio Morente and Carlos Pérez Gimeno, they’ll be in charge of debating and analysing, in their own, highly particular way, all the latest from the gossip magazines.

A touch of humour and fun is provided by Kiko Rivera, Juan Carlos Ortega, Xavier Deltell,… And we’ll give Kiko Rivera a job doing the monologue and stand-up routine for ‘La Jaula’. And we’ll dress him up as a Don Juan, from his head to his toes, to find him a girlfriend.

That’s what the Antena 3 afternoon magazine programme is like, presented by Anna Simón, who gets these crazy people to dissect all the latest news, a magnificent formula to get away from the daily grind.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
La Jaula Antena 3 2010 667.000 5,50 %
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