Antena 3 / TVE


Bertín Osborne / Sonia Ferrer


1995-2001 / 2007


Endemol International

Lluvia de estrellas

The programme ‘Lluvia de Estrellas’ has become a classic amongst the shows broadcast by Antena 3 Televisión. This is shown by the fact that it was first broadcast in summer 1995 and since then, periodically, has continued to be put out in series of 13 programmes. In each edition there are 48 impersonators who, in order to make it to the final, must pass the quarterfinals and semi-finals of each edition.

The studio plays host to the best doubles of singers from today and yesterday. They are members of the public, with the talent for singing and moving about on a stage, who have the opportunity to emulate their idols, whether they be old glories or singers of more recent fame. All of them also having something in common: they have had to pass hard casting tests, a pre-selection that Gestmusic undertakes all across the country.

Therefore, there are impersonators of singers as famous and consecrated as Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Edith Piaf, Miguel de Molina, Concha Piquer or Lola Flores and of other more recent artists such as Whitney Houston, Ana Belén, Mónica Naranjo, Raúl, Luis Miguel, Shakira or Britney Spears. From this factory of stars have emerged singers as well known as David Civera, impersonator of Enrique Iglesias, one of the young talents in the Spanish music industry who represented Spain in the 2001 Eurovision festival, where he achieved an honourable sixth place and is often up there with the best.

The popular singer Bertín Osborne is the presenter of this programme where the contestants’ characterisation is one of its key factors. Hairstyling, make-up and costume are fundamental to transforming the impersonator into a clone. After the interview between Bertín Osborne and the impersonator, and with some of their family too, the time to perform arrives. The contestant bids farewell to the audience behind a curtain of smoke and reappears made up, styled and dressed as the singer they are going to impersonate. From then on it’s a question of luck and there can be no tricks or deceptions because all of them, without exception, sing live on stage.

At the end of the performance a jury made up of experts from the world of music and arts is entrusted to make an assessment. In this way, the best performers pass the respective heats until reaching the grand final. Not everyone gets through, but they do take with them the best memories and a dream come true: performing live before the television cameras.

This format by Endemol made its debut years before in Holland and later on other European television screens such as Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Portugal and it was a great success in all of them. In Spain the show received a Golden TP award for the best show and light entertainment programme of 1998.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Lluvia de estrellas Antena 3 1995 3.400.000 27,40 %
Lluvia de estrellas Antena 3 1996 5.160.000 37,60 %
Gala Lluvia de estrellas internacional Antena 3 1996 3.630.000 31,60 %
Lluvia de estrellas Antena 3 1997 3.752.000 28,70 %
Gala noche de estrellas Antena 3 1997 3.742.000 29,10 %
Gala Lluvia de estrellas internacional Antena 3 1997 2.752.000 21,30 %
Lluvia de estrellas Antena 3 1998 3.034.000 22,70 %
Gala noche de estrellas Antena 3 1998 3.381.000 24,10 %
Lluvia de estrellas Antena 3 1999 3.494.000 24,60 %
Gala noche de estrellas Antena 3 2000 3.728.000 24,90 %
Lluvia de estrellas Antena 3 2001 2.365.000 20,10 %
Lluvia de estrellas TVE 2007 2.113.000 15,50 %