Los Algos

‘Los Algos’ (“The Somethings”) is a children’s puppet programme, which, in keeping with the finest tradition of kids’ television, aims to educate, inform and entertain its viewers. Yet it’s more than that. In both its content and its image, ‘Los Algos’ is also an innovative and contemporary show, a response to the new codes high in demand by today’s youngest audiences. The show’s verbal and audiovisual language is agile and dynamic, in keeping with the other input received by its target viewers: today’s children.

With this objective in mind, to launch an innovative children’s show, Gestmusic has worked hard in a number of different fields. From research in puppet types and construction (and other types of marionettes, including the Japanese bunrakus), to the creation of a specific studio set and the use of models, not to mention forming professional teams of people with experience in children’s television (Sesame Street, The Lunnis, Hello Hoobs, Planeta Imaginaria…) and technicians who work with today’s most modern filmmaking, animation, postproduction and 3D equipment and programmes. The end product is a fresh, funny, modern musical show; a creation that took the teamwork of over 100 professionals (including dubbing actors, puppeteers, and technical and artistic staff). ‘Los Algos’ is the 21st-century adaptation of the world of puppets.

The characters of ‘Los Algos’, an eclectic cast of marionettes, live through a series of problems that the young audience can relate to, yet sprinkled with comical gestures for adult viewers, very much in line with children’s cinema today. The idea is for parents and adult audiences in general to enjoy watching the show, as well. Far from the soppy and conventional characters of the easy moral story, on “Algoria” (“Somethingland”), the planet of ‘Los Algos’, children are treated as equals and face conflicts and adventures with all the zany madness of the world of puppets.

Humour and a meticulous musical composition, together with a dynamic production are the patent traits of ‘Los Algos’. Doing this meant the teamwork of a number of different production companies for the FLASH TV musical production, including Carlos Jean, Ten Productions and Pep Lladó.

The filming team, made up of 55 professionals (including technical and artistic staff) work 10-hour days to create 10 minutes of very well-made film. Next, in FLASH TV, a team of Flint and 3D technicians handle the postproduction work of all the filmed material, in record time.

12 dubbing actors lend their voices to the 16 characters of ‘Los Algos’.

Pol Mainat has created ‘Los Algos’, which he co-directs with Daniel Cerdà and Jaume Copons.

The ‘Los Algos’ show is the audiovisual development of an original idea by Daniel Cerdà, Jaume Copons, Óscar Julve and Pol Mainat.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Los Algos Cuatro 2007-2008 172.000 7,30 %
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