Antena 3


Bertín Osborne / Alonso Caparrós




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

Menudas Estrellas

What started out as lip-synching imitation in the Menudo Show became exact voiced impersonation in the successful ‘Lluvia de Estrellas’ show as of 1996. The end result? ‘Menudas Estrellas’. Here, children also took the mike for live performances, imitating the voices, moves and images of their favourite music idols. The contestants, between the ages of 4 and 12, came out on stage to emulate such celebrities as Isabel Pantoja, Celia Cruz, Juan Luis Guerra, Whitney Houston, David Bisbal, Chenoa and a long list of others.

The format of the last season series at the end of 2002 boasted significant innovation. Not only did the kids compete on their own, but now they also performed with their fellow participants. Thus, the audience would enjoy such charming duets as Talía and Raúl, Álex Ubago and Amaral, Whitney Houston and Barbara Streisand, and David Bisbal and Shakira.

Yet perhaps the novelty most prized by our young talents was the opportunity to sing live with the artist that they impersonated. Thus the images of David Bisbal singing with his young impersonator, and Chenoa along with hers will long remain etched in our fondest memories.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Menudas Estrellas Antena 3 1996 3.055.000 24,50%
Gala Menudas Estrellas Antena 3 1996 4.986.000 35,40%
Menudas Estrellas Antena 3 1998 3.459.000 28,80%
Menudas Estrellas Antena 3 1999 2.248.000 21,70%
Menudas Estrellas Antena 3 2000 3.581.000 25,20%
Menudas Estrellas Antena 3 2001 3.095.000 21,20%
Menudas Estrellas Antena 3 2002 2.926.000 20,90%
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