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No te olvides el cepillo de dientes

The surprise factor was the key to why the tumultuous quiz ‘No te olvides el cepillo de dientes’ was such an extraordinary hit. The success of this format on television in Great Britain –where it started– France, Germany and Italy, prompted Antena 3 Televisión to try it out and give it prime time in the first quarter of 1995. The gamble paid off too, with results that showed a national average of 22% of the share and audience leader in regions as far apart as Andalusía and Catalonia.

One of the programme’s greatest achievements had to do with the audience, who took an active part in the quiz and chose incredible prizes, such as leaving from the set to set sail for an exotic country for a passionate trip.

Paula Vázquez and Alex Casanovas gave the programme an easy-going, speedy and amusing air. The public’s complicity aided that to a great extent, being keener than anyone that the participating couple gave a good account of themselves in the tests, since, if they were to win, the whole audience would win a trip to the Canary Islands. In other words, it was possible for anyone to win something. The tests were very original, were never repeated and occasionally family members of the contestants were able to lend a hand.

There were only four requisites to be one of the 250 viewers who could attend the show: firstly, and most importantly, accept the possibility of travelling to any part of the world from the quiz studio at the end of the programme, which meant not stopping off at home first; secondly, to have a bag packed with everything you might need; thirdly, to have an up-to-date passport and have it with you and the fourth thing, of course, to have brought your toothbrush.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
No te olvides el cepillo de dientes Antena 3 1995 3.205.000 21,18 %
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