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La Trinca




La Trinca

No passa res!

The first original format by the members of ‘La Trinca’ for television came on screen in January 1987 with the Gestmusic production ‘No passa res!’ for the autonomous channel TV3. The spirit of the trio from Canet, the key to success of their much-acclaimed shows, was transferred to the small screen with great success in what was, moreover, Gestmusic’s first production. This is shown by the fact that No passa res! was the most successful programme on Catalan public television with one and a half million viewers, something unheard of fifteen years ago.

The musical performances of ‘La Trinca’, the comic touch, the irony and the unplanned and original interviews spiced up a programme full of different and, above all, funny gags. Perhaps one of the keys of the format thought up by Toni Cruz, Josep M. Mainat and Miquel Àngel Pascual was the capacity to surprise the audience and guests every week. People from the world of showbiz, sport, cinema, politics, writers and intellectuals… all visited the set to become the victims of a hilarious third degree grilling from the presenters who “abused” their position by making the guests take part in the oddest of situations.

The reviews were excellent and highlighted, among other things, the popularity of the creation of a family played by ‘La Trinca’ that performed different situations from their home. Josep M. Mainat (the mother), Toni Cruz (the punk son) and Miquel Àngel Pascual (the father) gave life to this strange family that would later star in other television programmes.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
No passa res! TV3 1987 n.d 42 %
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