Canal 9 / TV3 / Canal Sur / TeleMadrid


Constantino Romero / Àngel Martínez




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

Noche de misterio / Nit de misteri

The world beyond and the paranormal sciences also had a space for debate among Gestmusic’s programmes.‘Noche de misterio’, for Canal 9, Canal Sur and Telemadrid, as well as its version for TV3, ‘Nit de misteri’, presented a mysterious question for debate each week. The introduction of the topic was preceded by a small dramatisation of 10 minutes based on a real-life case that then led to a debate between a large group of experts. Some of the audience also took part, in many cases providing their personal experiences.

The journalist Ángel Martínez was the chairman of the different version of Noche de misterio,while the Catalan version ‘Nit de misteri’ was led by the actor and presenter Constantino Romero. ‘Noche de misterio’ was, in all its versions, a programme produced with the utmost journalistic rigour and full seriousness that approached experts and amateurs alike on subjects as wide-ranging as UFOs, alternative medicine or witchcraft.

One of the key parts of the programme was the weekly collaboration of the prestigious writer and university professor Arthur C. Clark, author of “2001, A Space Odyssey”, who gave his personal opinion on the matter in question.

Entertainment combined with information on this programme that dealt with subjects that left few people indifferent.


Show Channel Season Share
Nit de misteri  TV3 1993 18%
Noche de misterio Canal 9 / Canal Sur / TeleMadrid 1993 23%
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