Jordi González




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat / Joan Ramon Mainat

La Noche por Delante

Traditionally, weekend nights are when people go out and free themselves from the oppressive restraints of polite manners and customs. With the philosophy of bringing the party spirit home the programme ‘La noche por delante’ emerged in April 1998, with everything that the young urban viewer missed in the normal programming.

Presented by the journalist Jordi González, a real night owl and lover of the dark hours, ‘La noche por delante’ was an explosive cocktail of current affairs, music, sex, cinema, odd tales, fashion, surprises and humour. One of the programme’s assets were its team of collaborators: fascinating people such as Carmen Caballero, Boris Izaguirre, Rafa Fernández and many others who gave their opinions, debated and dealt with a myriad of topics… or played unexpected roles, such as forming part of the jury in drag queen contest.

Each programme dealt with different topics with anonymous people who told their true- life stories or their secret for happiness, always in a very funny way.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
La noche por delante Telecinco 1998 981.000 15,60 %