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Gestmusic Endemol

Nunca es tarde

The first incursion into reality shows by Gestmusic was with the production of the programme ‘Nunca es tarde’ for Telecinco, based on the Endemol format Forgive meand broadcast with great success on television in Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Germany.

The programme, presented by the journalist Ana Rosa Quintana, dealt with reconciling families, couples or friends who, for some reason or other, had stopped speaking to each other.

The methods used to achieve this were varied. One possibility was that one of the parties asked forgiveness from the other from the programme’s set while another could be that a family member or friend tried to bring the two people concerned together. In the first case the programme sent a girl with a bunch of flowers to the person who was being asked forgiveness. Generally it was a very big surprise, but in the majority of cases the aggrieved person accepted the flowers and went to the set to meet up again with their relative, partner or friend. There would then be emotional reunions, which in some cases occurred after over 20 years of mutual silence.

In the case whereby a third person intervened, the two parties in the conflict were invited to the set, but without either of them being aware as to what type of programme they were going to and, of course, without them seeing each other. In the end, the two spectators would become leading players in one of the five stories of the programme which, generally, had a happy ending. Given the success of the first season, it was followed by a second, presented this time by Ana Ferrand, one of the reporters from the first series.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Nunca es tarde Telecinco 1996 2.623.000 19,40 %
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