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Constantino Romero




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat / Joan Ramón Mainat

Parodia Nacional

‘Parodia Nacional’, which made its debut in 1996, was and still is, although now converted into seasonal specials, one of Gestmusic’s flagship programmes. This peculiar show, which emerged after a very successful first gala edition, has crossed frontiers and has been sold to countries as diverse as Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Portugal or Mexico.

The success of ‘Parodia Nacional’ is based on society itself, which is capable of laughing at everything. It is a competition for lyricists, based on the adaptation of the words and music of popular songs with the aim of satirising a topic of current affairs. Everything can be parodied, from the lives of the famous through to political, cultural and sports news: in brief, any kind of event in the news.

The broadcasts in the first series were weekly, but after a period off screen, the programme returned in the spring of 2001 with special shows, coinciding with the season of the year and with the novelty that the lyrics in the competition were dubbed. In all the cases, the best topics, and above all the funniest, written by the viewers themselves, are selected for the show, turning them into a very funny musical spectacle. Carefully thought out props, costumes and make-up are extremely important aspects of the performance by the programme’s artists and with their voices and movements the spoof is brought to life. They are top class singers with names as remarkable as they are funny: Estrellita la Moderna, Curro Candelas, Vanessa Puñales, Las Mirandas, Toni Las Vegas, Rocky Tornado, Moncho Marlboro or Tina Turmix, among others.

The lyricists of the spoof appear on the programme to present their songs and it is the studio audience who decide which is the best one. The popular presenter Constantino Romero, another of Parodia nacional’s trump cards –a “hooligan” programme, according to one of it’s creators, Josep M. Mainat– is the master of ceremonies of the show in which, before the song, a video is shown. This piece might be a street survey about the topic, or a hidden camera or a series of home videos.

Broadcasts of Parodia nacional always register high audiences and sometimes, as in summer 1996, even beat the Olympic Games of Atlanta. This popularity with the viewers is also reflected in the winning of two Golden TP awards for the best presenter and the best competition and also the Silver Rose of the International festival of Montreux for the best variety programme of 1997 and an Ondas prize in 1998. In fact, the final 1997 gala registered an audience of six million viewers.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Parodia Nacional Antena 3 1996 3.705.000 25,40 %
Parodia Nacional Antena 3 1998 3.274.000 23,80 %
Parodia Nacional Antena 3 1999 1.926.000 20,10 %
Parodia del año Antena 3 2002 2.891.000 20,50 %
Parodia del año Antena 3 2002 839.000 13,20 %