Telemadrid / Canal Sur / Canal 9 / ETB 2 / TVG


Alberto Castillón / Tacho González




Alfonso Arús

Sal y pimienta

Alfonso Arús’s team and Gestmusic, who had already worked together on programmes for the FORTA, undertook another comedy production under the name of Sal y pimienta, called ‘Latrica, Latrica’ in the Galician version. The broadcasts on both channels began in the summer of 1996. Once again the latest news in the gossip columns was the subject of the show, which also included the barbed comments of the gossip columnist Hilario López Millán for both versions.

Alberto Castillón was entrusted to battle with all comers, acting as presenter of the programme for Telemadrid, Canal 9, Canal Sur and ETB 2. The same format and collaborators from the gossip columns formed the team for the programme shown in Galicia under the name ‘Latrica, Latrica’ on Saturday evenings, although in this case the presenter was Tacho González. Both versions were directed by the creator of the format, Alfonso Arús.

The programme had other section besides those focused on the latest gossip. Original songs performed by the stars of the show, the quiz for finding the double of famous people, the best home videos or the amazing “talent hunter” interviews of Javier Cárdenas, capable of finding the oddest characters in the country, made up the rest of the show.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Sal y Pimienta Telemadrid 1996 220.000 16,90 %
Sal y Pimienta Canal Sur 1996 191.000 17,80 %
Sal y Pimienta Canal 9 1996 105.000 14,80 %
Sal y Pimienta ETB 2 1996 85.000 14,70 %
Latrica, latrica TVG 1996 97.000 14,30 %