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Rosa Gámiz / Josep M. Bachs / Ximo Rovira / Fidel Luis Iglesias / Carlos Lozano




Action Time

Si l’encerto, l’endevino

Something apparently as simple as basing a quiz show on refrains and sayings was a real success, as can be seen from the ratings for ‘Si l’encerto, l’endevino’, which arrived on the screens of TV3 in 1995. By means of some charming drawings, an authentic challenge for those entrusted to do them, the contestants had to guess some words in Catalan and sayings by means of the animated hieroglyphics.

The stereotypical idea of “learning by playing” could be perfectly applied to this programme by Gestmusic which aided in the linguistic normalisation of Catalan. Many families watched the show every day, a show created for all tastes and which required a great deal of swiftness and mental agility. The version for TV3 was presented by the actress Rosa Gámiz, who was relieved later on for the 1997 edition by the king of quiz shows, Josep Maria Bachs.

The same success was experienced by the thirty programmes made for the Valencian autonomous channel, also broadcast daily in the early afternoon slot. The Valencian version, presented by Ximo Rovira, attained screen shares of over 20%, touching 30% on occasions and beating the news programme of TVE.

The following year, and with the same format, the programme was shown on the Galician autonomous channel and presented by Fidel Luis Iglesias.

The autonomous channel Telemadrid turned to the same format some years later. The programme, which began daily broadcasts in April 1999, was presented by Carlos Lozano. Every day, at six o’clock, three contestants invited to the set put their imagination and memory to the test to discover well-known riddles, sayings, puzzles and refrains. The closer they were, the better the prizes, of course, consisting of respectable sums of cash and trips. Additionally, in another section of the programme, the audience had the chance to compete by phone from home in by attempting to win a game of “Tres en raya”.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Si l’encerto, l’endevino TV3 1995 245.000 19,60%
Si l’encerto, l’endevino TV3 1997 268.000 20,40%
Si l’encerte, l’endevine Canal 9 1995 240.000 19,90%
Cousa, cousiña TVG 1996 69.000 13,03%
Adivina, adivinanza Telemadrid 1999 146.000 17,10%