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Sis a traïció – Vil metall

Six contestants sitting around a table where there are two cases containing a total of 50,000 euros, tell a story that could be either true or false. They all need this money, or so they say. This is the initial situation of Sis a traïció.

Each contestant can present evidence to prove that his/her story is true, and the others may question him/her to try to find out whether he/she is telling the truth.

For five hours and with four rounds of votes, the contestants choose who they want to eliminate from the game. The elimination criteria, which are initially the presumed truth or falseness of the stories told, become more complex and unpredictable as the hours pass, and personal interests, alliances among the contestants and the need to eliminate a potentially dangerous rival begin to take priority.

To facilitate deals and strategies, the contestants have a private space, the “Cambra de Conspiracions” (Conspiracy House), where two by two, they can have private meetings and discussions that the others cannot hear, to reach agreements, criticise other contestants and win over the each other’s trust.

Once the game is reduced to only two remaining participants, the finalists have to play to keep the 50,000 euros in prize money. First they have to determine whether the stories of their fellow participants in the game were true or false. Each mistake will cost them 10,000 euros. Then, with the remaining money, the two finalists are faced with the most important decision of all: whether or not they want to share the prize money. The critical moment of the contest has arrived. Will they be loyal to each other and share the money? Will one try to betray the other and take all? Or will both betray each other and walk away empty-handed, falling victim to greed?

Sis a traïció is a psychological challenge for strategic contestants who have the insight to investigate and deduce whether a story is true or not, who are mentally strong enough to withstand the tension of the game, who can endure the long hours of confrontation and the claustrophobic backdrop of the set, and who are sharp enough to convince the others to share the prize money, or to ensnare them and take it all for themselves.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Sis a traïció TV3 2006 371.000 14,80%
Vil metall Canal 9 2006 84.000 6,70%
Sis a traïció TV3 2008 289.000 11,00%
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