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Mercè Galán / Noelia Oliver / Karme Boixadera / Jorge Pérez / Christian Serrano / Anna Simón / Ivan Varela / Lorena Franco / Eloi Barrera / Mar Duro / Joan Picó




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

Telecinco, ¿dígame?

‘Telecinco, ¿dígame?’ is a harshly live, interactive game show designed to entertain while the viewers win tons of prizes from their homes. Excitement, oddities, humour, entertainment and most of all, loads of prizes, come together in this interactive contest tailor-made for a channel like Telecinco.

With its simple questions and games of skill, the audience can play from home and win tantalizing cash prizes. Two young hosts invite the viewers to take part in the different games. In addition to telephone participation, the hosts invite the viewers to share oddities, photos and games by sending e-mails to the show, for live on-the-spot readings. Each day the show doles out an average of 8,000 euros. Prizes range between 100 and 10,000 Euros, and can all go out to one single caller! The interactive ‘Telecinco, ¿dígame?’ format comes to Digital Terrestrial Television in the morning and at night. Each day, seven young presenters host the competition full of games, prizes, and most of all, great humour.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Telecinco, ¿dígame? Telecinco 2006-2008 573.000 16,00%