Antena 3


Constantino Romero


Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

Tierra, trágame

The same year that saw the 50th anniversary of the appearance on television of the first hidden cameras show, the programme Tierra, trágame made its debut on Antena 3. Constantino Romero was the presenter chosen for this show which contained a healthy mix of comedy, imagination and hidden cameras.

‘Tierra, trágame’ was a succession of practical jokes: there was a crazy taxi section, where a taxi driver played jokes on his passengers –any member of the public could have been a victim– and all recorded via mini-cameras installed inside the cab.

Another section was the hidden cameras produced by the programme itself, in which the innocent victims were put into really difficult situations. A complicated practical joke was organised whereby, for example, the careless subject would get involved in an incredible mess, believing they were going to an office to work as a temp. Once there, all number of things happened to them, from someone undressing without saying a word up to a real life arrest. These were situations that invited the cry of “I’ve been had!”.

There was also a children’s joke section, a quiz for homemade hidden camera spots (with big cash prizes), telephone practical jokes headed by Manuel Acedo, the hidden cameras of Jeremy Beadle (head of the most popular hidden camera programme in the United Kingdom), street jokes and even a weekly gag starring Constantino Romero himself.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Tierra, trágame Antena 3 1999 2.425.000 24,20 %
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