Canal 9


Juan y Medio / Lolita Flores




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat

Un siglo de canciones

In summer 1999, Canal 9 gave a debut to Un siglo de canciones, a weekly programme that was a grand musical show made up of the best songs from the last hundred years. The viewers from the Valencian region itself created an original hit parade that varied according to the weeks.

The singer Lolita and one of the liveliest of presenters, Juan y Medio, led this production which was highly popular with audiences of all ages. Directed by Toni Cruz and Josep M. Mainat, Un siglo de canciones was able to produce, through popular action, a list of the best songs of the last hundred years. The majority of them were recalled on the programme by their original singers. Versions were made of the other tunes by the programme’s team of singers, or they were used as a soundtrack to show historical images. They were even recalled by means of a human chain, whereby in groups or in solos, they remembered different verses of the song.

The show starred singers of different generations and styles. Sergio Dalma, Marta Sánchez, Rita Pavone, Concha Márquez Piquer, Manolo Escobar, Ketama, María Dolores Pradera, Raphael, Los del Río, Carmen Sevilla and many others were the musical stars that helped remember the most loved melodies. Even the selfsame Lolita sang on the show.

Another section on Un siglo de canciones was a family quiz based on musical questions and a series of images of different historical events that the contestants had to provide an exact year for. It was an amusing and entertaining way to review the most important events of the last hundred years, something that was also undertaken by showing some videos that recorded other curious events such as the appearance of the Biscuter vehicle or the arrival in Spain of tourist number 10 million. A modern set and a professional dance corps gave the programme the stage setting befitting a turn of the century.

Les teves cançons’ – TV host: Nina / Àlex Casanovas ‘2000 canciones’ – TV host: Lolita Flores / Juan y Medio ‘100 anys de cançons’ – TV host: Nina / Àlex Casanovas


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Un siglo de canciones Canal 9 1999 254.000 19,00%
100 anys de cançons  TV3 1999 360.000 19,00%
Les teves cançons  TV3 2000 450.000 17,40%
2000 canciones  Canal 9 2000 286.000 20,63%
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