Antena 3


Lourdes Toledo de Brey / Norma Cano / Ximena Betancourt/



Una mirada limpia

‘Una Mirada Limpia’ [A CLEAN LOOK] is the TV show produced by the Liga para la Educación Audiosivual (LEA), a viewers’ association that strives to give mass media content more dignity.

The LEA is a modern association that fights against the media using the media’s very own weapons: it has its own website, runs campaigns, holds demonstrations and organizes all sorts of activities. Moreover, the LEA has set out to mobilise the people by producing a television show that so far only A3 has been bold enough to broadcast late at night.

In its crusade against vulgarity and lies, the LEA combs all the shows that reach our homes, zeroing in on all of the things that ought not be broadcast or published, offering a very critical public critique of them. With its show, ‘Una Mirada Limpia’, the LEA aims to rouse the people and get them to react, to shield themselves from the avalanche of media debris that they are constantly bombarded with.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Una mirada limpia Antena 3 2007 344.000 12,70 %
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