Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat / Joan Ramon Mainat


‘Veterinarios’ was a series produced by Gestmusic in 2000, the first time a docusoap had been produced. These types of programmes, started off in England, are based on day-to-day life and provide the following-up of real events revolving round a topic. All the filming is done in a live situation and the aim is to describe the reality and environment of specific groups, communities or professional activities.

The production company’s first experience with this genre was the production of the ‘Veterinarios’ series for ETB, consisting of four, 45- minute episodes and whose common denominator was the animal world. Above all it focused on family pets, but there was also coverage of animals from the aquarium, zoo, equestrian sports and the rural world, etc.

The driving force of these animal stories were the vets, looking into how they care for the animals when sick or of the different treatment they give them. The pets and their owners were the true stars of the programme, whereby several stories were run together and were followed up. There were some special cases, such as a diabetic dog with an owner suffering from the same illness or the treatment of exotic animals such as iguanas or snakes.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
Veterinarios ETB 2 2000 90.000 10,70 %
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