Florentino Fernández / Josema Yuste



¿Y ahora qué?

‘¿Y Ahora Qué?’ [And Now What?] is a show designed to entertain and make the entire family laugh. The generation gap between the two stars of the show allows a very wide-ranging audience to identify with the humour. The result is a programme that actually targets all audiences, from the youngest, who connect perfectly with Florentino, to the oldest, for whom Josema has become a major point of reference of television humour. The chemistry between these two great comedians makes for one sidesplitting moment after another.

A comedy show in every sense, where television viewers will enjoy the classics that have made these two stars so shine brightly for many years: sketches, gags, dubbed video, imitations, parodies of all sorts, and much more…


Show Channel Season Share Average share
¿Y ahora qué? TVE 2009 2.268.000 14,20 %
Josema y Flo ¿Y ahora qué? Especial Nochebuena  TVE 24/12/2008 3.547.000 32,50 %
Josema y Flo ¿Y ahora qué? Especial Nochebuena TVE 24/12/2009 2.552.000 23,10 %
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