Roberto Sánchez / Manuel Acedo / Gregorio Benítez




Toni Cruz / Josep M. Mainat / Joan Ramon Mainat

En el Candelabro

‘En el Candelabro’ (a famous expression used by the model Sofía Mazagatos when she wanted to say “estar en el candelero” which means in the limelight) was a live late night show created for the summer nights of 1999 on Telecinco in which, from Monday to Friday from midnight on, the news, problems and summertime topics were covered.

To make the programme there were four speakers who varied according to the topic in question but in all cases they were prepared to give and defend their opinion vehemently. Some of the polemicists appearing on the programme were Begoña Ameztoy, Marisol Galdón, Sergio Makaroff, Rocío Martín, Oscar Nebreda, Carmen Vijande, Cristina Rapado, Enrique del Pozo and Carles Flavià.

The subjects up for discussion and debate were provided by what was happening in the world, but responding to the frivolity and easy-going nature of this kind of programme. Questions about sex, couples’ behaviour, the gastronomic diets of the Spanish, football mania or the traffic problems of the big cities were some of the topics covered.

Reports, statements from members of the studio audience in favour or against a particular position and audience participation gave the show a pluralistic and dynamic aspect. It did not stop there, though, since in ‘En el Candelabro’ the debates went beyond the studio set and to do this all the possible means of interactivity were employed, using e-mails, fax and telephone.

With all these resources at hand, not only could viewers give their opinion, they also had the option of redirecting the discussion towards other topics they felt were more important or interesting. Furthermore, the audience had the right to end the debate on one subject and immediately suggest another, as well as reprimand the speakers, witnesses and other participants.

This summer project was entrusted to a young team of journalists, experienced radio professionals who headed the programme Si amanece nos vamos by Cadena SER. Roberto Sánchez was the presenter of ‘En el Candelabro’; Manuel Acedo helped him in his role as the fifth polemicist, Gregorio Benítez worked as the audience spokesman and Beatriz Rodríguez worked on producing the reports as well as helping the studio audience. The reporter Javier Cárdenas, a specialist in the famous, other beings and odd situations also joined the team.


Show Channel Season Share Average share
En el Candelabro Telecinco 1999 793.000 18,70 %
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